About Us

At Ekam fast freight inc Transport, we understand each customer’s requirements. We are fully aware that each customer has their own unique needs; therefore it is not possible to meet everyone’s needs with a rigid solution. We have a highly flexible system that is capable of handling all types of transportation requirements of our customers. Ekam Fast Freight Inc. Transport exceeds our customer’s expectations in the transportation of goods across Canada and the U.S. We aim to deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in distribution and logistics.

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Ekam Fast Freight never fall behind in our mission to satisfy our clients.

At Ekam,  our mission is to succeed where no other can. To provide reliability & security to all of our loyal customers and at the same time, efficiently offering quality solutions that will enhance the image of your company.


Ekam Fast Freight employs only experienced drivers with a clean driving record.

Our drivers are treated as professionals and as a result, our driver turnover is extremely low. Not only are our drivers concerned with driving safety, but the safety of your cargo. Our compound is fully fenced to keep your valuables secured.


We have an extensive experience dealing with US-CANADA transport.

Ekam Fast Freight Inc. has great experience with transport and logistics. We use state of the art Peterbilt Trucks and Dispatching software. All of our drivers have great experience with US-CANADA border crossing.